The oldest unaltered foyer in Thailand is at The Atlanta Hotel.
It is the most photographed hotel foyer in Thailand and is frequently used as a filmset.

The  Atlanta  is  run  on  conservative  principles  and  fosters  traditional  values. 

The  Atlanta  caters  to  respectable  families  and  couples  for  whom  there  are  small  (one  bedroom)  and  large  (two  bedroom)  suites  as  well  as  standard  air-conditioned  rooms  for  families,  groups,  couples  and  singles,  and  standard  fan  rooms  for  couples  and  singles.

Atmosphere & Philosophy

The Atlanta is an old-fashioned place of charm and genteel character in downtown Bangkok with the secluded and secure atmosphere of a private club and the facilities of a small resort for sleaze-free and wholesome tourism.

Run on conservative principles and imperiously heedless of fashions and trends, The Atlanta is untouched by pop culture and post-modern primitivism. Its style and atmosphere hark back to gentler and more cultivated times.

The Atlanta is popular with cultured occidentals, with writers, academics, artists, cinema & theatre and other professional people, with dreamers and innocuous eccentrics, and their families, who can afford to stay at more expensive places but choose to stay at The Atlanta.

The Atlanta is against sex tourism. Sex tourism is exploitative, socially damaging and culturally demeaning: those who want to buy sex should do so in their own country.

The Atlanta has a 'zero tolerance' policy with regard to trouble-makers and all illegal activities, including the use or possession of illicit drugs. Such miscreants are reported to the police without advance warning, without hesitation and without apology. Those who object to this policy, and those who wish to spend their time in Thailand whoring, indulging in alcohol abuse, drugs or other illegal activities should stay elsewhere.

The Atlanta also does not welcome undomesticated people – the sort of people who do not know how to sit on a chair or at table, who do not know how to behave, and whose appearance and manners are so disgraceful as to bring disrepute upon their own countrymen.  Their presence puts other people off.  These undomesticated people should stay home lest the Thais take one look at them and say, "Mother, father no teach", which is one of the most opprobrious reflections that can be made about a person in the Thai idiom.

The Atlanta welcomes families and our staff are good with children.  However, there is a limit.  Parents must keep their children under reasonable control so that other guests are not disturbed.  The Atlanta is not a children's playground.  Parents who allow their children to scream without restraint, disturb other guests, and generally make a mess of the place will be told to settle their bill and leave immediately.

Not  everybody  is  welcome  at  The  Atlanta.
Tourism  is  not  about  going  on  a  rampage  through  other  people's  country:  those  who cannot  go  abroad  without  behaving  badly  should  stay  home.

A Budget Hotel for Lovers of Good Food

Le patron mange ici

  • our unique and famous annotated menu
  • an acclaimed breakfast menu
  • a family-oriented western lunch and dinner menu;
  • a revival of the kind and style of western cooking that took place in The Atlanta's kitchen in the 1950s and 1960s
  • excellent Thai food
  • the largest selection of Thai VEGETARIAN dishes in the world
  • an informative menu of Thai wines
  • a restaurant where you can relax comfortably without having to order anything!

    The Atlanta's restaurant and premises are for the use and enjoyment of
    OUTSIDERS are not normally served unless they are known to The Atlanta.

Eco-aware Hotel & Restaurant

We aim to further environmentally responsible tourism by:
  • reducing The Atlanta's own carbon footprint through:

    • the use of locally made materials and appliances with environmentally friendly certification
    • the use of energy-saving light bulbs throughout
    • fan-cooled public areas
  • helping guests reduce their carbon footprint during their stay through:

    • use of local produce and ingredients in the kitchen whenever possible
    • sun-dried laundry and environmentally friendly detergents
    • enzyme waste-water treatment that meets the standard set by the Thai government
Animal Sanctuary

The Atlanta is home to between 30 and 40 rescued cats.  At the time of writing (April 2013), there are 37 cats.  Most live in the staff section and are very well looked after.  About 15 of them are released into the garden in small groups at various times during the day.  There is also one rescued dog.  The Atlanta is also home to nearly 30 rescued terrapins all of which belong to endangered species.  At the time of writing, there are 26 terrapins.  They live in an enclosure with a pond on one side of the garden and are well looked after.  The garden of The Atlanta is also home to many squirrels and birds.  Animals have a miserable life in the megalopolis of Bangkok.  The Atlanta provides a much needed sanctuary for them.

The Atlanta employs two people to look after these rescued animals, one from 0600 hrs till 1500 hrs, the other from 1500 hrs till 2400 hrs.  Food and veterinarian bills are huge.

The Atlanta actually does not want pets, but animals in distress seem to find the owners of The Atlanta who are then unable to leave them to suffer and die.  The Atlanta really cannot accept any more.

A rescued dog that was at The Atlanta for many years but has already died was a very useful member of staff.  It normally welcomed guests who walk into The Atlanta, but if the dog barked at the guest, it was 100% certain that that guest was going to turn out to be a trouble-maker.  The dog was never mistaken – not once.  It was a very sweet dog.  If only it had been a vicious dog, too ....

People who do not like cats and dogs, who do not like animals, should stay elsewhere.