The Atlanta is run on conservative principles and fosters traditional values.

The Atlanta does not hesitate to refuse rooms to  persons unsuited to the prevailing ethos of The Atlanta – even if they have a confirmed reservation.

1/  The Atlanta does not welcome SEX TOURISTS, and does not try to be polite about it.

Borderline cases are not given the benefit of the doubt, but are treated as sex tourists.

Those who are borderline cases should stay elsewhere.

Guests who attempt to bring in bargirls, catamites and their like will be told in plain language to settle their bills and leave.

Remaining on the premises after being told to leave will be treated as a police matter.

The Atlanta does not ask for or listen to explanations or excuses, and does not apologise for the manner in which miscreants are thrown out.

The Atlanta also does not apologise for any mistakes it may be accused of having made with regard to the identification of sex tourists.

To keep The Atlanta private, secure, wholesome and sleaze-free for the kind of guests we welcome, room guests are not permitted to take visitors / outsiders upstairs into the building and their rooms, or into the garden and pool area.

Exceptions may be made in appropriate circumstances at the management's discretion.
Suitable visitors / outsiders may be entertained in the restaurant.

2/  The Atlanta operates a  "ZERO TOLERANCE " policy regarding

3/  The Atlanta also does  NOT  WELCOME

  • UNDOMESTICATED  PEOPLE the sort of people whose conduct and appearance give tourists in general and their compatriots in particular a bad name.
When The Atlanta states 'NOT WELCOME', The Atlanta means it. There will be no politeness about it.

4/  The Atlanta welcomes FAMILIES and prides itself on its child-friendly staff, but families are welcome only if CHILDREN are KEPT UNDER  REASONABLE CONTROL. 

The Atlanta is not a playground for children: children must not be allowed to disturb other guests.  Families that do not keep their children under control will be told to settle their bill and leave in no uncertain manner.

5/  The Atlanta particularly welcome guests who like PETS and ANIMALS.

The Atlanta is home to many rescued cats, terrapins and one dog, all of which are well cared for.  The garden of The Atlanta is also home to many squirrels, birds, etc.  However, guests are not allowed to bring in pets or other rescued animals.  The Atlanta already has too many rescued animals on the premises.

Visitors  who  object  to  any  of  The  Atlanta's  policies  or  who  intend  to   spend  their  time  in  Thailand  whoring,  behaving  badly,  indulging  in  alcohol  abuse  and   illicit  drugs  should  stay  elsewhere.  The  Atlanta  is  not  that  kind  of  place.

Tourism  is  not  about  going  on  a  rampage  through  other  people's  country:  those  who  cannot  travel  abroad  without  behaving  badly  should  stay  home.

On  these  policies,  The  Atlanta  is  not  interested  in  dissenting  public  opinion  or  what  the  business  world  calls  'customer  feedback'.

The  Atlanta  caters  to   a  certain  kind  of   clientele  and  that  is  the  end  of  the  matter. 

No  discussion.   No  compromise.