Distinctive Features of the Atlanta Hotel, Bangkok

Historic  Features

  • The oldest unaltered hotel foyer in Thailand designed by Berliner Dr Max Henn (1906 - 2002) and his wife in the 1950s and influenced by central European theatre architecture and set designs of the 1920s and 1930s
  • The most photographed and filmed hotel foyer in Thailand
  • The first hotel swimming / diving pool in Thailand
  • The first children's swimming pool in Thailand
  • One of the oldest travel agencies in Thailand

  • Attractive guests' writing room with art deco roll-top desks
  • Large art deco light table for viewing photographic slides and negatives
  • Among the best swimming pool water quality in Thailand
  • Hammocks, deck chairs and sun-bathing beds by the swimming pools
  • Luxuriant tropical garden
  • The world's first menu with serious and learned annotations
  • The world's largest selection of Thai vegetarian dishes
  • Starred quality Thai food recommended by major guidebooks
  • A unique revival of the kind and style of western cooking that took place in The Atlanta's kitchen in the 1950s and 1960s during its heyday as Thailand's finest hotel and restaurant
Animal  Sanctuary  

The Atlanta provides a sanctuary for over 30 rescued cats, nearly 30 terrapins, and one dog.  The exact number at the time of writing (April 2013) is 37 cats and 26 terrapins.  The cats live in the staff section and are released into the garden in small numbers at a time every day.  The terrapins live in an enclosure with a pond on one side of the garden.  Visitors to Thailand cannot but notice the poor conditions of cats and dogs in the streets, while terrapins are endangered through loss of habitat and through being surreptitiously exported to China and Vietnam where they are de-shelled live and eaten. The Atlanta does what it can to help give these creatures a home.  There are already far too many in the hotel to be comfortably accommodated.  Food and veterinarian bills are very high.  Guests who are good with animals are particularly welcome.

Jungle - like  Garden  

The Atlanta is the only city-centre hotel to have a truly jungle-like garden with its own residents, principally squirrels and birds.

  • reducing The Atlanta's own carbon footprint through:

    • the use of locally made materials and appliances with environmentally friendly certification
    • the use of energy-saving lightbulbs throughout
    • fan-cooled public areas
  • helping guests reduce their carbon footprint during their stay through:

    • the use of local produce and ingredients in the kitchen whenever possible
    • sun-dried laundry and environmentally friendly detergents
    • enzyme waste-water treatment that meets the standard set by the Thai government

The Atlanta has largest selection of literary, scientific and news magazines of any budget hotel (perhaps of any hotel) in Thailand.

Entertainment  &  Education
  • Occasional western classical music recitals and other shows free for room guests (outsiders not admitted - not at any price)
  • Well-selected Western classical music is played all day.
    Music composed by H.M. The King of Thailand is played during lunch time.
    Absolutely no pop music.
  • Occasional talks by hotel guests on topics related to Thailand or the region.
Health  &  Fitness

The Atlanta is the only budget hotel in Thailand to offer the use of a gym on the premises.

Security  &  Privacy
  • Probably the only budget hotel in Thailand to have strongboxes in all bedrooms:  one per occupant, and 10 to 13 cubic foot large strongboxes in suites.
  • The Atlanta is unlike most other hotels in that  outsiders (non-room guests) are not permitted to wander about at will  without prior permission from reception, and  the restaurant is not normally open to outsiders
    though this rule may be waived in appropriate circumstances. 

    The privacy, security and sensibilities of room guests take supreme priority over  whatever gain may be made from curious passers-by or stray outsiders.
Internet  Access

Free wireless internet access for guests who have their own notebook computers;
modest charge for use of the hotel's computers.

Culturally  Sensitive  &  Unique  Character
  • The Atlanta is said by all to have an enchanting and unforgettable mystique.
  • The Atlanta has incomparable character, charm, style and atmosphere.
    The Atlanta is recommended by all major guidebooks.
  • The Atlanta's history, inimitable style and genteel character, and reputation
    have turned it into a Bangkok institution.
  • The Atlanta is the bastion of wholesome and culturally sensitive tourism and is run
    as a test of the viability of those principles and values that are associated with it.
    The Atlanta is not run as a commercial enterprise with a view to maximising profits;
    its financial aim is merely to cover costs, which explains why tariffs are so low.
    The loyal staff who worked under the direction of the founder still continue to work at The Atlanta: most have worked at The Atlanta for over 10 years, many for over 20, and some for over 30 years. and 30 years, and one (Anong, our famous restaurant manageress) for over 40 years.