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Pictures of The Atlanta Hotel Bangkok

Max Henn PortraitAn early 1950s portrait of Dr Max Henn, a chemical engineer from Berlin, who founded The Atlanta Chemical Company which eventually became The Atlanta Hotel.

This portrait now hangs in the foyer of The Atlanta.

The transition occurred when American military aerial photographers arriving in Thailand in the early to mid-1950's sought accommodation in the empty hall above the pharmaceutical laboratory. Because Thailand had never been colonised, no foreign powers had any proper maps of the country. The lack of maps during the Second World War made it difficult for the Allies to dislodge the Japanese who were belligerently occupying Thailand. This was rectified by the terms of the peace settlement, which permitted American military cartographers to come to map Thailand.

Another cause of the transition from a pharmaceutical company to a hotel was the decolonisation of the Dutch East Indies, during which Dutch colonial administrators, plantation owners and managers sought accommodation in the hall above the pharmaceutical laboratory during their transit to The Netherlands. At that time, Dr Max Henn was appointed the Transit Officer by the Dutch government.

Mrs Henn

A portrait of Mrs Henn, a pharmacist from the famous Chulalongkorn University in Bangkok, who, together with Dr Max Henn, established The Atlanta Chemical Company and later The Atlanta Hotel.

This portrait from the early 1950s now hangs in the foyer of The Atlanta.

Max Henn in the GardenDr Max Henn at the age of 94.

This photograph was taken in the garden of The Atlanta in September 2000.

FoyerThe oldest unaltered foyer in Thailand at The Atlanta, frequently used as a filmset.

This photograph of the foyer features one of the two carved dachshunds.

Lobby Corner
A welcoming corner of the foyer at the foot of the sweeping staircase. The cabinets on the wall are two of five cabinets in the foyer displaying books and recordings by guests, and books written about guests of The Atlanta.

Lobby DeskOne of the two desks with stationery set in the foyer.

Guests who prefer e-mail will find computer terminals hidden away in a far corner of the foyer.

Teak MirrorsOne of many old teak mirrors at The Atlanta. In the early 1990's, replicas of this mirror were made without letting us know and sold in a wood-carving village in Chiang Mai, in northern Thailand.

The first hotel swimming pool in Thailand, constructed in 1954. This swimming pool remained the largest swimming pool in Thailand for over a decade. A hammock can be seen on one side of the pool. Everything is original - except the water. The Atlanta also has the first children's swimming pool in Thailand, which was constructed in 1957.

The old crest of The Atlanta Club.
After the construction of the main swimming pool,
the opening of the first German restaurant - the Rheinterrassen -
(with the first imported German cooks and bakers) in Thailand and
the twice-weekly showing of movies at night over the swimming pool,
non-room gests were queuing up to seek admission.
This led to the establishment of The Atlanta Club in the mid-1950s.

When The Atlanta was founded, e-mail had not even been dreamt of, but the font used on this notice of facilities is exactly the same art deco font which was used on the earliest notices at The Atlanta.

Tip box
An original art deco tip box in the foyer ...

Desk Set
... and the matching art deco desk set.

'Some advice before you go out on to the streets of Bangkok for the first time ....' A popular stopping point for guests on their way out on to the streets of Bangkok: guests then return to re-read the advice and reflect on their experiences. You have to read the advice to appreciate the depth of understanding it gives.The Atlanta Hotel